As an Asheville family-owned small business, we have proudly cultivated our passion for cannabis for over 15 years with a commitment to providing an unparalleled experience to our customers by delivering the highest quality hemp products. We believe in the power of hemp to enhance overall well-being and aim to share its remarkable benefits with individuals seeking natural alternatives for a more balanced lifestyle. 


To fulfill this mission, we are committed to doing the following:

● Providing competitively priced products and high-quality service
● Being up to date on new technologies that may benefit us
● Maintaining our commitment to quality over quantity
● Rewarding employee achievement
● Serving and supporting the community
● Building partnerships

● Exceeding customer expectations

● Evaluate our ecological impact and take steps to reduce waste
● Promote equity in the hemp industry by supporting legalization and expungement
● Using our platform to uplift individuals whom the criminal legal system has disproportionately impacted
● Seeking justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within our society

We recognize the influence of racial disparities within the cannabis industry and the criminal legal system. In light of this, we aim to support organizations that are dedicated to promoting equity, justice, and inclusivity in both the cannabis sector and broader society.


The Last Prisoner Project was founded on the belief that no one should be incarcerated for cannabis offenses. As a national non-profit, they are dedicated to criminal justice reform and work tirelessly to release people incarcerated for cannabis offenses, clearing records, and support re-entry for those who were previously justice involved.



For those local to Western North Carolina, Building Bridges is an Asheville-based non-profit that fosters antiracism by educating people on how to intentionally engage in dialogues about racism. Each year Building Bridges hosts two nine-week educational sessions on racism with a focus on Black and white racial experiences in Asheville. If you are local to WNC, please consider signing up for one of their informative and transformational courses.