Lab Results & Legality

WNC Strives to provide full transparency for our consumers while remaining compliant under the 2018 Federal Farm Bill. Below is a full list of Lab Analysis' for all products we currently carry as well as a legal opinion specifically on THCa products. For further inquiry regarding any of our COAs or legality, please reach out via email to info@wnc-cbd.com

THCa Legal Opinion - Rod Kight

THCa Flower

Artisan Mix Preroll/ Blunt - Milky Haze

Artisan Mix Preroll/ Blunt - Gas Leak

Artisan Mix Preroll/ Blunt - Master Blaster

Artisan Mix Preroll - Psycho Kitty

Artisan Mix Preroll - Gorilla Grip

THCa Balloon Corn Indoor

THCa Banana Mac Indoor 

THCa Black Velvet

THCa Blueberry Indoor

THCa Blue Unicorn

THCa Bordeaux Indoor

THCa Cali Raisin Indoor Living Soil

THCa Candy Wine Indoor

THCa Cannatonic #3 Indoor

THCa Carmel Apple Gelato Indoor Living Soil

THCa Chernobyl Indoor Living Soil

THCa Coffee Creamer Indoor Hydro

THCa Cookies + Cream Indoor

THCa Cookie Mintz

THCa Death Star Indoor

THCa Desert Snow Indoor

THCa Dump Truck Indoor

THCa Dontes Inferno

THCa Garlic Martini Indoor Living Soil

THCa Gorilla Cookies Indoor Living Soil

THCa Gorilla Glue Indoor

THCa Grape Ape Indoor

THCa Grape Frosty Indoor 

THCa Grape Gas Indoor Hyrdo

THCa Granddaddy Purple

THCa Green Crack Indoor

THCa Guava Gelato Breath Indoor

THCa Hard Cider Indoor Living Soil

THCa Hippie Crippler Indoor

THCa Hood Candy

THCa Lemon Cherry Gelato Indoor Living Soil

THCa Lemon Drop 

THCa King Louis Xiii Indoor Living Soil

THCa Miracle Alien Cookies Indoor

THCa Moon Berry Indoor

THCa Mule Fuel Indoor

THCa Olympus Mons Indoor

THCa Peaches & Cream

THCa Pineapple Express Indoor Living Soil

THCa Platinum Kush Breath Indoor Hyrdo

THCa Purple Punch Indoor

THCa Royal Skywalker OG

THCa Side Piece #2 Indoor

THCa Stank Breath Indoor Living Soil

THCa Tangerine Dream Indoor Living Soil

THCa Thin Mintz Indoor Living Soil

THCa Twisted Berry Indoor

THCa Wedding Cake Indoor

THCa White Widow Indoor Living Soil

CBD Outdoor

Bubba Kush Outdoor

Cakeberry Brulee Outdoor

Chem Fruit Funk Outdoor

Fruit Loops Outdoor

Lemon Octane Outdoor

Royal OG Outdoor

Sour Brulee Outdoor

Sour Candy Kush Outdoor

Sour Hawaiian Haze Outdoor

Super Sour Lifter Outdoor

Tangy Haze Outdoor

Wedding Cake Outdoor

White CBG Outdoor

CBD Indoor Flower

777 Indoor

Abacus Diesel Indoor

ACDC Indoor

Apple Smacks Indoor

Atlanta Indoor

Baox Indoor

Blackberry Gleaux Indoor

Blue Cheese Indoor

Blue Diesel Indoor

Blueberry Cough Drops Indoor

Blueberry Muffin Indoor

Blunicorn Massacre Indoor

Carolina Cake Indoor

Carolina Gleaux Indoor

Cashmere Kitty Indoor

CBD Dominant Banana Mac (Low THCa) Indoor

CBD Dominant Bordeuax (Low THCa) Indoor

Cherry Mom Indoor

Circles CBG Indoor

Cookie Dough Indoor

Death by Peanut Butter Indoor

Death Eater Indoor

Dinamed Indoor

Dragon Breath Indoor

Frosted Grapes Indoor

Godfather OG Indoor

Golden Orient Indoor

Grape Soda Indoor

Grapefruit Indoor

Half Baked Indoor

Hawaiian Thunder Indoor

Hopefully Hemp Indoor

Kush Indoor

Legendary OG Indoor

Legendary Platinum OG Indoor

Lemon Cake Indoor

Lemon Cookies Indoor

Lemon Kush Indoor

Mango Tree Indoor

Orange Glaze Indoor

Orange Marmalade Indoor

OZ Kush Indoor

OZK Platinum Indoor

Paloma Indoor

Panther Funk Indoor

Paradise Dream Indoor

Paradise OG Indoor

Pink Panther Indoor

Purple Lemon Octane Indoor

Raspberry Creme Indoor

Shaolin Temple Indoor

Skunk Butter Indoor

Sour Space Candy Indoor

Sour Suver Haze Indoor

Sour Tsunami Indoor

Stardust CBG Indoor

Strawberry Cake Indoor

Strawberry Cheesecake Indoor

Suver Haze Indoor

Tennesee Tangie Indoor

Unicorn Butter Indoor 


1,000mg CBDa : 1,000mg CBD Rosin Oil Tincture

1,000mg CBG : 1,000mg CBD Oil Tincture

1,200mg Delta-8 Oil Tincture

600mg CBN : 600mg CBD Oil Tincture


25mg Mixed Δ8 Gummies

2:1 Mixed Δ9 Gummies

3:1 Mixed EXTRA STRENGTH Δ9 Gummies

7:1 Mixed Δ9 Gummies

50mg Mixed Δ8 Gummies

Cardinal Reserve Δ 25mg Gummies

Cardinal Reserve Δ 10mg Gummies

Cardinal Reserve Δ9 Krispy Rice Treats

CBN Fruit Punch Gummies

Delta-8 Grape Delight Gummies

Delta-8 Watermelon Dream Gummies

Everyday Gummies Δ9 Microdose


Arabian Stars Bubble Hash Rosin

BaOx Bubble Hash Rosin

Blueberry Cough Drops Bubble Hash Rosin

Delta-8 THC Wax

Kush Bubble Hash Rosin

Lemon Cake Bubble Hash Rosin

Lemon OG Bubble Hash Rosin

Northern Lights Bubble Hash Rosin

OZ Kush Live Resin

Stardust CBG Bubble Hash

Strawberry Cake Bubble Hash Rosin

Tropical Paradise Live Resin

THCa Diamonds

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6578 reviews
Sent wrong stuff?

I received mine expecting a white widow smell from all the reviews I saw from here and other places. When I opened the bag it smelled like straight coffee , muted coffee. I put in a jar with a bodeva but nothing changed still muted coffee. Also It doesn't have the effects of other white widow I have tried from other vendors, these effects hit me like a indica leaning hybrid. Starting to think I was sent the wrong stuff.

THCa King Louis Xiii Indoor Living Soil

THE King!

Possibly my favorite cultivar to date from WNC. Great indica. Beautiful nugs!

Looks amazing!

Smell and effects on point. Great cure and trim.


Wow this flower is amazing, in the bag it smells like a sweet vanilla creamer but when you grind it turns into a very fruity berry smell.

The flower itself is full of trichomes and orange pistils poking out of dense green buds with a bit of purple here and there, this flower is so pretty and frosty.

The taste is smooth and flavorful, the effects are about an 8/10. This is my first experience with their higher end flower and compared to Hood Candy/Gorilla Glue this is clearly a step above, so I will be looking forward to trying their other strains