CBD Grapefruit Indoor

THCa %:

50/50 Hybrid

Grapefruit is a popular CBD strain renowned for its delightful blend of fruity flavors and uplifting effects. Its dominant citrus notes evoke the refreshing taste of ripe grapefruits, offering a zesty and tangy experience with each inhale. The aroma of Grapefruit is equally invigorating, boasting a vibrant combination of citrusy undertones and hints of earthiness, reminiscent of a sunny orchard. As for its effects, Grapefruit is cherished for its ability to induce a sense of euphoria and mental clarity, making it a preferred choice for daytime consumption. This strain is praised for promoting relaxation without sedation, making it suitable for users seeking relief from stress or anxiety while maintaining productivity and focus throughout the day. Grapefruit tests high in Myrcene, Linalool, and Caryophyllene.

Terpenes - 2.978%

CBDA - 22.639%

D9 - THC - 0.071%

THCA - 0.986%

CBGA - 0.468%

CBCA - 0.990%

TOTAL Cannabinoids - 26.266%

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This product contains industrial (Lab Tested) hemp (Hemp Flower) that was grown pursuant to state and federal law (Containing not more than 0.3% delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis) by licensed farmers in accordance with the industrial Hemp provisions of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (known as the "Farm Act") and its state law counterparts thus it is not subject to regulation, or control, under the Federal Controlled Substances Act.  The FDA has not evaluated this product and these statements for safety or efficacy. As with any new product, consult your physician before consuming this product. Do not consume if pregnant or breastfeeding. This hemp-derived product may contain trace amounts of Delta-9 THC in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. For this reason, use or consumption of this product may result in a failed drug test. The purchaser of this product bears all risk and assumes all liability associated with the use, purchase, and possession of this product.