Green Goblin Light Dep
Green Goblin Light Dep
Green Goblin Light Dep
Green Goblin Light Dep
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Green Goblin Light Dep

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90/10 Indica Dominant

Green Goblin is a powerful phenotype of Dutch Delight crossed with a proprietary strain that allows for an almost purely indica cross. The Dutch Delight counterpart is made up of Big Bud, Skunk, and Afghani bred by the Flying Dutchman. These buds are cured to perfection and boast of a deliciously sweet and lemony flavor. This strain produces mostly medium buds with some smaller ones. Grown in soil using organic practices.

Terpenes - 2.263%

CBDA - 19.598%

D9 - THC - ND%

THCA - 0.666%

CBGA - 0.179%

CBCA - 0.975%

TOTAL THC - 0.584%

TOTAL Cannabinoids- 21.826%


You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

This product contains industrial (Lab Tested) hemp (Hemp Flower) that was grown pursuant to state and federal law (Containing not more than 0.3% delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis) by licensed farmers in accordance with the industrial Hemp provisions of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (known as the "Farm Act") and its state law counterparts thus it is not subject to regulation, or control, under the Federal Controlled Substances Act.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gimme some sleep! 😭 THANK YOU! 💖👏

I have terrible insomnia which has gotten to the point of emergency care since I'm coming off 25 years of being on the worst withdrawal causing antidepressant. Green Goblin actually calmed me and helped me sleep better which has been nearly impossible the past month.
The buds are PERFECT- smell, color, moisture level, smoothness, taste, clean (organic is a major plus with all the garbage online). The effects are more important to me than appearance or flavor and you will definitely FEEL this one! Aside from reviewing just the strain, I have to say WNC is in my top 3 (possibly #1) out of the 30+ cbd companies I've ordered from online. Yes my pantry closet is out of hand. It took more time, patience, persistence, and research than I care to admit or even think about... but I've learned which companies to trust. I'd say there's only a handful with safe, quality, & authentic products. Always check the labs! You can find everything from high/ failed solvent, heavy metal, pesticide, and microbial biocontaminants in the labs listed on lots of the top-selling, reddit-boasted, supposedly best vendors to buy from. I almost purchased some cheap Cherry Wine flower recently from another place until I saw it failed the lab test for E. coli! They don't care if they poison you as long as they're making money.
Mike at WNC has put up with my recent extreme overall craziness with nothing but kindness. The definite BEST customer service of anything and everything I've ever purchased online and/ or in-store. Suffice to say I'm super impressed and thankful. And that takes a whole lot for me to say honestly.

David O'Donnell
That's one tasty Goblin!

So, I will admit, I bought this ounce rather impulsively, while I was snagging some of the much coveted Blue Cheese (which is fantastic, btw) and this one caught my eye. I was hoping that the name would give me a good indication of the terpene profile, but boy was I wrong. It fit both the terps, and the visuals of this plant! One can't help but notice it's bright green, granny apple color. The nose and flavor fit right along with the rest of the aesthetics; green apple, lemon, and pine. Very tasty in my Mighty, and the effects are a nice, mellow Indica vibe. Nothing that is going to slap you across the face, but a nice, mellow buzz. This is going into my regular rotation, for sure!

John D.
The Goblin's got it goin on!

Just got into my bag of shake/trim and its so fresh w a perfect moisture level for vaping👌The smell is nothing short of AmAzInG! OMG its captivatingly INDICA and after vaping 2 good bowls it really mellows the body and mind out nicely✌I don't feel couch locked rather locked chin👍Listen, I just ordered another as I'm thinkin once word gets out on this Indicalicious green its GONE BABY! Enjoy it and stay safe GET VACCINATED ...ITS EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY✌

Joshua Mullins
amazing trim low price

love the new bag.thanks for the extra 5 grams of green goblin trim.have not tryed let but got today very fast shipping look very nice smells good.glad i got some trim this time.i no it sells fast love joshua mullins from boring columbus ohio hope everyone is doing ok glad to see things getting better with everyone life god bless

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813 reviews
White CBG Light Dep WNC
Max Stephenson
White CBG

Energetic and focused

Delta-8 THC Wax
Drew Taylor

These are very hard to find usually when you get concentrate of delta 8 it rates like fruit punch these satisfy the craving for gassy real tasting dabs

It's a Creeper

I love it. It took me awhile to get the right dose, but when I found it, it's a great ride. No more D9 THC needed for me. It's just too strong. D8 hits the spot. Great for weekends. Also great for those looking to reduce the amount they smoke. This may be a personal difference, but I do notice I smoke less, which is great since I'm looking to stop. I'm also looking for creative ways for consumption, suggestions wanted! I mixed it in with some coffee, heavy cream, sugar. It seemed to hit quicker and smoother when I did that rather than under the tongue. Another hit from WNC CBD.

One of the most fire strains ever

This has to be one of my absolute favorite strains that Ive ever had from wnc

Von Baren Indoor
katherine Gendreau
Very Potent Bedtime Medicine

I have tried so many different cbd strains from wnc and other vendors. As someone with severe PTSD, I struggle with muscle tension and insomnia, among other things. Von Baron melts away the tension and I can feel a wave of warm peacefulness wash over me. Definitely a great bedtime strain!
I vape my flower using a pax 3 or my arizer Extreme Q. The flavor and smoothness of the vapor can't be beat. WNC consistenly puts out amazing cbd flower and von baron is no exception!