High THCa Dog Walker Pre-Rolls

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Need a quick smoke break and don’t have enough time for a full pre roll? No fear! WNC's Dog Walkers have got you covered! Designed for a solo session or a brief stroll with your cherished furry friend, our High THCa Dog Walkers boast 0.3g of premium flower from our High THCa offerings listed below, enclosed in an airtight jar. Each jar houses 10 Dog Walker pre-rolls, expertly rolled in rice paper cones for your convenience.


THCa Black Velvet - 31.998%

THCa Blue Dream - 24.043%

THCa Deep Fried Jealousy - 23.580%

THCa Durban Poison - 22.622%

THCa Grape Gotti - 24.910%

THCa Lemon Cherry Gelato - 24.644%

THCa Peaches & Cream - 26.632%

THCa Sex Panther - 28.141%

THCa Super Boof - 23.647%

THCa Tropicana Cherry Cookies - 16.818%